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2nd International Perre Art Workshop
1 Oct 2022 Saturday, Adiyaman University
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Blue, yellow, little green...

The 2nd International Perre Art Workshop, which will take place in Adıyaman on October 1-8, 2022, brings together a meeting in the harmony of colors. We aim to come together in the colors of this geography by creating an intercultural dialogue ground with the participation of 63 artists. With this workshop, a collective memory will be created by witnessing the efforts of experts in the field by combining traditional and contemporary art opportunities on the same platform. 

Adıyaman is engraved in memories with the yellow of its sun, wheat, tobacco, the blue of the sky and its dam, and a little bit of green. Its green is less, its heat is high, its roads are long, its paths are narrow. It is a country like Cahit Sıtkı's prayer. The sky is blue, the field is yellow, the branch is green even if it is a little green, the land of birds and flowers… Do you have to be born to be a native? Doesn't eating from its bread, drinking its water, seeing its colors and inhaling its smell also contain the spiritual pleasures of being there?

With this workshop, we invite the participants to be from Adıyaman for a while, in the language of colors, to the ancient lands of Mesopotamia, which has become the subject of legends and where beliefs, cultures and traditions are integrated.


Important Dates For The Workshop


Workshop Dates: 

1-8 October 2022


Final Exhibition Date

8 October 2022



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